Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Homey shopping lists...

Now my move is sorted and official I can start to plan new bits for it. Having seen so many thinks I like recently this list came together in about 10mins. How exciting!

taunton station road junk shop /

The Crown Jewels of England...

Imperial State Crown

Crown of Queen Mary of Modena

Imperial Crown of India

Prince of Wales' Crown

St. Edwards Crown
These wonderful illustrations are from The Crown Jewels of England by Sir George John Younghusband and Cyril Davenport, which was published in 1919. I love the colours, opulence and masculine softness. They have got me in the mood for some Royal research, so watch this space.
All images © PoodlesRock/Corbis

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Really 'Into The Gloss'...

For someone who used to work in fashion and currently works in beauty I blog very little about either those things. There are so many people who do it wonderfully, currently I'm just not sure what I would add to the party. For me I would need a new angle and some original material of my own to make it worthy of reading. (Although I am tempted to do a AW'11 'my fantasy shopping list' post, as I compile that for myself each season anyhow.)
Into The Gloss the best original material site I've seen in a long long while. It's refreshing to read a beauty site with an editor that clearly understands who and what exactly feed into cosmetic and toiletry trends. And its well designed too...why is it that so many beauty blogs have great content but are hideous to look at??
One of my favourite post categories is The Top Shelf section, I love a spy on what other folks are using.

The Lakeland dream...





Yoko Ono

(It's 100% official I move up to this little house on the Lake District in a few months to finally be with my boyfriend of three years, after leaving 350 miles away from him all this time. Let the house warming shopping commence!!!!!)

Yikes, good stationary in London...

The new stationary room at Liberty is excellent, finally somewhere to buy some descent cards and papers etc in London. I don't know about you but I've always found the hunt for good stationary to be a nightmare...I've been buying cards, especially Christmas cards, from the USA for years as the places over here are so cheap and samey. My feeling is if you are going to the bother of sending something make it decent or at least fun and thought about! Thanks for Freddie pictured above for making the trip there all more fun. (Fred's I hope you don't mind these being on here...I can take them down if you so wish!!)

Monja Gentschow...

This work by Monja Gentschow really inspires me to be get drawing again and play with some watercolours too.