Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Fastest Rat Catcher in the North

This little beauty is Dixie Dog...who is one hell of a beast and, as the title suggests, has been named the 'Fastest Ratter Ever Know ' by the vermin man. Little Dixie is mega speedy and as such pretty much impossible to get a good picture of, this was the second visit to her home on Winter Tarn farm that we had tried and the pictures just don't do her justice. Her owners are the wonderful Jackson family, who's super tasty organic dairy goods keep my boyfriend smiling. What the mighty Cumbrian Jeremy Jackson doesn't know about cheese isn't worth knowing! Check them out on - http://www.wintertarn.co.uk/. I've already put in a request for any puppies she might have. Fingers crossed Dixie gets lucky with a local soon!