Friday, 21 January 2011

Weekend fun??

A pillow at Hillier's House

Coloured in anyone?  - Picture Credit -
Toiles de Jouy normally right off my favor radar, however I've seen a few things thing week which have seen me warming too them. The first was a review of Sarah Grant's new book in this months WOI...which is now winging it's way to me from Amazon. The second was seeing the embroidered pillow (pictured above) at my friend Hillier's house, I think she said she bought it at Jonathan Adler, but that doesn't seem right! And, when I had a bit of a google to try and find out where it might be from, I spotted this highlightered cushion at I think I've just found my weekend project! If it goes well I will post the results, if not the less said the better.